see London.|graduate early.|complete your HUA.

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Complete your Humanities & Arts requirement in London!

Complete 3 HUA courses (a full unit) in E term (May - June) during the summer when you have flexible time, and get a full term ahead!

Free yourself up later to spend a term doing a paid co-op instead of taking classes!

-Taking three HUA courses over the summer puts you a full term ahead of schedule in terms of graduation!
-Summer tuition typically gets a substantial discount, which means you save money!
-Complete your HUA requirement in London: 2 courses + a out the specific project details with the London HUA advisors during the D term prep, and create three unique projects that fit your degree needs and interests!

Make a personalized project-based course plan with the advisors in D term.
Study one or more topics (below) in any combination (HUA breadth, depth, and capstone) and get 3 course credits toward completing your HUA requirement!

Take a look at some past London HUA projects!

Discuss potential projects with your advisor during the D term HU2900 prep (1/6 credit), and pursue your own interests in any HUA discipline (except foreign languages).



Hey Jude, study music from the London perspective! Arrange a project that focuses on the current state of music in London, or some aspect of choral or instrumental music in London, or combine an emphasis in history with a study in music!



Study English writings from Dickens to Austen to Rowling!



Study any of the historical aspects of London!


Combined HUA Topics

Explore the history of music in London, or the influence of English poetry on religion!



Study how London theatre has changed over time!


Philosophy & Religion

Study the influences on English music and theatre!


Your Own Idea

Discuss with the advisor to make it happen!

Studying in the summer costs less than studying on campus! Stay in the center of London, and knock out your HUA requirement!

-take 2 HUA courses + the capstone

-arrange any breadth/depth/capstone project-topic combination to fit your HUA focus!


We stay in the beautiful flats centrally located in London provided by Acorn Housing. You won't find a cheaper, more attractive housing option right in the center of London than what we're able to provide through WPI's connection with Acorn!

Only $3,695.00 total housing for 7 weeks in London!


You didn't think you'd be stuck inside in the summer did you? Your personal course objectives are set up and agreed upon between you and your WPI advisor during the 1/6 credit HU2900 prep (D term) before we leave the States. When we arrive in London, you pursue those objectives by seeing London; hit the museums, go to concerts, see the sights, and check in with your advisor in regular status meetings. You can also work in a group if you prefer--sign up with a friend!

WPI typically offers a 30% tuition discount on summer courses! That comes to about $7,700 total for the 3 courses.

Get around

See London your way! Take the tube around the city or walk it! Fly to London for our trip, and then fly around Europe instead of going home! We've estimated your costs for food, travel, tourism, and commuting, but you can make your own arangements!

We estimate about $3,250 for your travel, tourism, food, and other costs.

Interested? You should be!

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Deadline to Apply is January 11, 2019!


Sir, when a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford.

Samuel Johnson

...the spirit of the Londoner stands resolute and undismayed.

George VI

I have sailed the world, beheld its wonders...there's no place like London!

Sweeney Todd

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